Coastal Waters: The long space between the home harbors and the open sea.

Control: If you have a card in your possession, you control it, whether it is refreshed or exhausted. You may also control different spaces on the board, such as your home harbor.

Dangerous Site: A site whose defense is in red. Here fortune holds no sway. You may not spend fortune tokens to alter dices rolls on endeavors made at Dangerous Sites.

Destroy: Remove the part from the game permanently. Rip it, burn it, or just set it aside.

Dismiss: Return a card to the bottom of its card deck. If more than one card is dismissed at once, the player dismissing them chooses the order.

Dock: A region with a dock allows a ship to be upgraded while it is in that region. Some docks may provide upgrades of any color, while others may only provide one color of upgrade.

Empty Sea: An open sea space with no sticker or island in it. At the start of the cmapagin, all but four open sea spaces are empty sea spaces.

Exhaust: To turn a card or token face down. When exhausted, it can not use its power or ability.

Home Harbors: The space on the board in front of eaceh province. Each province controls the home harbor in front of their province.

Improve: Take a sticker from the province improvemnt sheet and permanently change a statistic, site, or action on your province board. Ships are also improved with a pen at the end of each non-prologue game.

Market: Regions with a market may sell goods. Some markets sell all goods while others only sell one type of good.

Open Sea: The hex-shaped spaces beyond the coastal waters

Refresh: To turn an exhausted card or token face up.

Region: An area of land. A province is a region. An island is a region.

Site: A location within a region that can be raided or explored. A province has many sites, including fields, and building sites. Islands have explored and unexplored sites.

Space: Any spot on the board where your ships may be. Open sea, coastal waters, and home harbors are different types of spaces.

Storage Chest: A card box that stores parts of the game that have been discovered but are not in current use. For example, any title cards not being used by the players.